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The Internet is the wild, wild west of the business world today.  The landscape changes from month to month.  What worked last year can hurt your business this year.  You need an Internet marketing expert to help you develop a solid plan for creating and promoting your web presence.

Our services are designed to help small businesses take advantage of the Internet.

Site Hoster
Yes, you get plenty of disk space, Yes, you get unlimited traffic, Yes, you get the Frontpage Extensions.  So what sets our hosting service apart?  Information!   Check out Site Hoster here.

Site Monitor
How is your website performing at the major search engines?  What sites are linking to yours?  Which pages on your site are stickiest?  Site Monitor answers these questions and more.

Site Promoter
On a monthly basis, our Internet marketing experts dedicate time to promoting your small business website.  Using a variety of techniques, we build traffic to your site and provide an extensive report on the results.  Put us on your marketing staff.

Site Developer
Of course, we also develop original websites or redesign  existing sites.  Whether you're starting from scratch or want to tweak what you have, we'll take you where you want to be.

Site Marketer
For small businesses that are looking for more, Active Internet Marketing will develop and execute a custom marketing plan including banner advertising campaigns, affiliate programs, newsletters, and more.  It all starts with your objectives.

What do

a group of Realtors
a digital service bureau
a VCI manufacturer
an EMS billing company
a California vacation rental
a service-oriented ISP
a website developer
an Internet consultant
and a  midwestern city

have in common?

They've all discovered
the benefits of actively
promoting their web
presence with a custom
marketing campaign from Active Internet Marketing.