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Site Hoster
Yes, you get plenty of disk space.  Yes, you get unlimited traffic.  Yes, you get the Frontpage Extensions.  So what sets our hosting service apart?  Information!

All of our website owners have access to Stat Server from MediaHouse.  Why is this important?  It means they know how many visitors they had last month.  They know which link partnerships are most productive.  They know which pages on their website are most popular.  They even know which page a visitor was viewing when they left the site!

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Become an informed website steward.  Host your site with the company that understands website marketing.

What do

a group of Realtors
a digital service bureau
a VCI manufacturer
an EMS billing company
a California vacation rental
a service-oriented ISP
a website developer
an Internet consultant
and a  midwestern city

have in common?

They've all discovered
the benefits of actively
promoting their web
presence with a custom
marketing campaign from Active Internet Marketing.