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Site Monitor
How is my website performing at the major search engines?  What sites link to mine?  Which pages on my site are stickiest?*  From which page do visitors exit the site?*  How many sites link to me at Altavista?  Which of my competitors have the best position at the search engines?  Our Site Monitor service answers these questions about  your small businesses website.

A Site Monitor Report can be requested at anytime.  When you want to get an in-depth look at how your site is doing, you contact Active Internet Marketing.   We  provide a report within 48 hours (via email) that includes the information listed below.  We'll even include statistics on usage of the site over the past month.*  

The Site Monitor service includes a report that provides the following details about your web presence:

  • your position at the major search engines for your important keywords

  • a list of websites that link to your website

  • the address of competitor websites that place highest at the major search engines

  • website traffic statistics such as monthly visits, source of traffic, time spent on each page on the site (*this information reported only  for those customers whose site has been hosted by Active Internet Marketing for a complete month).

As the owner of your company, you know that information is critical to smart business decisions.  Our Site Monitor service gives you the information you need to evaluate the performance of your web presence.

What do

a group of Realtors
a digital service bureau
a VCI manufacturer
an EMS billing company
a California vacation rental
a service-oriented ISP
a website developer
an Internet consultant
and a  midwestern city

have in common?

They've all discovered
the benefits of actively
promoting their web
presence with a custom
marketing campaign from Active Internet Marketing.