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Site Promoter
Even the most professional website can't guarantee new business from your Internet presence.  Only highly qualified traffic at your website can generate this.   Unfortunately, generating that traffic is becoming increasingly difficult as more companies exploit the Internet as a marketing tool.  So how do you beat the competition at getting qualified customers to your website?  Like any other aspect of marketing your small business, you need to spend time in promotional activities.

On a monthly basis, our Internet marketing experts dedicate time to promoting your small business website.  They focus on improving search engine placement, negotiating link exchanges, seeking out the best advertising opportunities and strategic partnerships and identifying competitors’ websites.

A compilation of important data is gathered that gives you an understanding of how much traffic your site is generating, which pages are attracting the most attention and from where your traffic is being generated.

Then, we package it all up in a concise, easy to read monthly report.  Each report reflects year-to-date information so you get a complete summary of where your company stands in its Internet marketing every month.   The professional report is perfect for distributing to key employees, your management team, and even prospective investors.  More importantly, it makes you a better manager by putting critical information at your fingertips.

What do

a group of Realtors
a digital service bureau
a VCI manufacturer
an EMS billing company
a California vacation rental
a service-oriented ISP
a website developer
an Internet consultant
and a  midwestern city

have in common?

They've all discovered
the benefits of actively
promoting their web
presence with a custom
marketing campaign from Active Internet Marketing.